Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hi - My computer system was knocked over Christmas and I just got it all backed up and re-installed.
 So here we are.
Happy New Year, and this is a long-standing hobby of mine.

This is an ongoing definitions post which I'll start off with my favourite


Rambo - Shepherds will enjoy this movie based on the novel by David Morrell, in which a Vietnam veteran Devon Longwool uses his combat skills against the lawman of a small town after he is arrested for loitering...  Here's my pencil sketch of Rambo under stress...

Ramifications - Male sheep's defence network
Ramshackle - Device for securing male sheep
Ramparts - those things which define a male sheep
Ramble - male sheep's slowest pace
Rampant - male sheep shorts
Rampage - agony column for male sheep
Ram-a-lamb-a-ding-dong  -  (not suitable for publication!)
Eulogy - sheepy poetry
Euphemism - innocuous word or phrase used in place of one that might be deemed offensive to female sheep
Refuse - disposal female sheep
Re-use - second hand female sheep

more to follow...